3 Top reasons you should hire a DJ, not a Wedding Band

Your wedding day will hopefully be everything that you were promised and that it will become one of the best days of your life. It is the joining of yourself and the person that you love in both laws and in love. The wedding day is supposed to represent that love by creating a special day of celebration for not just yourselves but for all of the people in your life who will be so proud to see you walk that aisle.

However, you have yourself a monumental task ahead and that is to plan and execute such a massive and unifying day in a way that honors just how important it is, and there are many things that have to be considered before you just charging right into it. Firstly there is the venue, and making sure it not only pleases you aesthetically but also gives you enough space to carry out the activities you would expect. The caterers, to be able to feed everyone and serve up dishes with not only the quality you expect but also the scale required.

Lastly the music, after the meal at your reception you will be expected to clear a dance floor and have your bride and groom first dance followed by a rollicking good time dancing the night away with your friends and family. And the person who organizes the music for the day should ideally be a professional with experience handling large events like this and most people opt for one of the two main choices: a band or a DJ. In this article, we will explain some of the advantages of choosing a DJ as opposed to a band.

Variety of choice128

The chances are that there won’t be one, single, unifying kind of music that all of your guests will enjoy, and this is something you have to take into consideration on the night. Obviously, not everyone is going to feel like dancing to Abba, and some of the younger people might object to dancing to Dolly Parton. This is where the flexibility of having a DJ trumps the usually solo playing style of a set band. However, it can be hard to find high quality and reliable DJ hire.

While the band is limited by their instrumental skill to what kind of music they can play, their range tends to be limited. This can definitely be a disadvantage if you were expecting some electronic music at some stage in the evening. Whereas a DJ will normally not only bring a wide variety of music by cd, he will most likely bring his laptop literally allowing you to choose from any style or kind of music in the world.


Your family has some requests? Maybe you need a few special songs included that your late grandfather really loved, maybe you want to love your guests the option of choosing one song each that reflects how happy they are at the new union. Well, DJ’s offer that flexibility and will actually be able to assist setting the equipment up in such a way that actually helps facilitate this using aux cable so people can preload their songs, or even having a cloud drive on his laptop so people can simply save them in order for him to sort and play.

While a good band may be able to take on a limited range of requests that match their playing style, it’s also worth noting that they will have some cabling and extra equipment. Their main focus, however, is on playing the music rather than crafting the sound and experience for the listener which is where they fall down in terms of flexibility.

Quality of sound and recording

Whilst some might argue that they prefer live music and they can appreciate the emotion in the music a lot better, it’s also worth mentioning that they also are only human and will always have slipups when it comes to playing ability. What’s more, as already mentioned, they are focused on playing the music as opposed to creating the experience and fine-tuning it for the audience.

Whereas the DJ is a master of sound and can mold any preexisting system to serve his needs and play all music in high fidelity audio with ease.

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