Bega is a company most will know for the delicious cheeses available on supermarket shelves. But, in addition to the popular Bega Cheese range, the company also produces a variety of bionutrients – derived from dairy, plants and marine life that offer great medical benefits for health-conscious consumers.

Bega’s range of bionutrients offers ingredients that can be used in a number of different ways such as food preparation, or in the production of pills, capsules, and powders.

Begabio Bionutrients can be utilized to produce health supplements for weight management, boosting the immune system, aiding digestive health, joint care, skin care and baby formula products, to name just a few.

All supplements produced by Begabio come with documentation outlining the medical benefits reinforced by substantiated evidence that support these health claims, so you can be sure that, by using Begabio bionutrients, your products will do exactly what they say on the label.

The division of Bega Bionutrients aims to provide customers with high-quality bionuritent products for a wide range of applications. By focusing on unlocking the health benefits of bionutrients, the team is committed to manufacturing effective health supplements and as a result of this dedication Bega is now one of the leading manufactures of lactoferrin.

HEALTH SUPPLEMENTSLactoferrin Health Supplement

Lactoferrin is a protein that is found in breast milk, tears, nasal secretions and saliva. It’s also present in the milk of animals such as cows and goats.

This naturally occurring protein has been shown to possess antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anticarcinogenic properties, the combination of which offer a wide range of health benefits that can aid digestion, reduce the risk of heart disease, treat viruses such as herpes and hepatitis C, inhibit the growth of skin diseases such as acne, ringworm and candida and even increase the production of healthy breast milk.

With little to zero side effects, as well as the many health benefits involved, lactoferrin is a popular, safe and effective supplement that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Note: Lactoferrin should not be consumed in large doses as it may cause skin rashes, tiredness, loss of appetite and constipation. The recommended dose is approximately 300mg per day, with a low dosage being around 100mg per day and a high dosage being around 600mg. However, studies have shown that dosages of up to 2000mg caused no side effects.

Bega Bionutrients Lactoferrin is produced by a wholly-owned subsidiary company called Tatura Milk Industries Ltd. Bega has been producing Tatura Lactoferrin since 2002 and has recently been granted novel food status in Europe where it is now available for sale.

The increased availability of Bega Bionutrients Lactoferrin further supports the medical communities claims regarding the wide range of health benefits and because Bega uses milk from only best dairy areas in Australia, the result is a high-quality health supplement unsurpassed by its competitors.