Why Grass is Good for Business 

Whilst it might seem like a strange assertion to make, the honest truth is that grass can be really good for business.  Now of course this statement is intended to be viewed in a certain light, so to elaborate we should consider the average office worker.

 lawnThe concrete jungle

The image of an “average” office worker is one which often draws tones of grey and a flavour of monotony.  This is obviously not a universal fact, more of a stereotype, however it serves to illustrate the point being made here.  For many people working in an office environment is an accepted norm; but this and many other aspects of our modern lives come with a multitude of side effects that we simply aren’t aware of.  What is even worse is that when we do identify the symptoms, we are usually oblivious as to their source.  Working in an office with harsh, artificial light, long days and often little to no access to the natural world can have a detrimental effect on our mental state.  Being so disconnected from greenery and natural features such as trees, plants and grass can elevate feelings of depression, anxiety and other negative emotions.

The colour of money

This is not intended to be a slight on any kind of working environment, simply an observation on a wellbeing issue of modern life.  There have been numerous studies conducted that show providing office workers with access to windows, plants and an outside space can significantly improve morale and productivity.  Two of the most basic things in life, and things we take for granted, but being without them is just something our minds are not able to handle well.  Having even a small outside space with a patch of grass can offer staff somewhere to relax and get away from the artificial office environment on a break.  If you are in any doubt, the next time you take a lunch break compare how you feel after sitting outside in the sunlight throughout compared to spending it sat at your desk or in a break room.  It’s surprising how much difference it will make to your mood and productivity.

No grass? No problem!

Now not every office is going to have access to an outdoor space, and for that there is little that can be done; on the outside at least.  In these situations getting some plants in the office and making sure the windows are letting in as much light as possible can help.  But for those offices with an unused or unloved outside space, then getting some grass if possible is a must.  There are plenty of companies such as A View Turf who can provide high quality, hard wearing turf for an outside space that will provide a near instant facelift.  This negates having to wait for the grass to grow meaning that, after a short bedding in time, staff can start to enjoy a more natural break time.  Depending on the size of the area you intend to turf this could be a little pricey, but research has shown that it is very possible that savings will subtly be made in other areas such as reduced staff sickness and increased efficiency.   You can get a quote online with most companies so that things can be planned and budgeted for; but even if the space is small, people will be grateful.


Grass might not seem like the biggest business concern, but there is a reason huge companies have light, airy offices with plenty of outdoor space.  Whilst smaller companies may not be able to compete with them financially, there’s every chance you can compete with the well being provided to your staff.