Great Jobs for the Persuader

Do you like dealing with people, but still like to get out and about? There are jobs available which offer the opportunity to do a lot of communicating over the telephone and face-to-face. If you have great people skills sometimes it’s a much better idea to meet a client in person rather than communicate through endless phone calls and emails. Sometimes it’s not easy to convey our exact feeling about something while communicating at a distance, and most of us are aware of the limitations an email represents, but not everyone can make a deeper impression face-to-face. If you do have a way with people maybe you should consider one of these careers: 

 Car Sales – Nobody buys a car without seeing it first. Auto dealers throughout the country rely on competent sales staff to help customers make the right choice. If you have the charm, and if you have the ability to understand a customer’s needs, you might do very well in this industry. The big thing to remember about car sales if that virtually all potential customers have already decided they want a new car, it’s just a matter of which one. This is where you step in: know the products, know the service plans, know the finance, and flesh out a deal which suits your client’s needs. If you’re likable, approachable, and you can read the signals given off from the buyer you’re sure to do well. 

 Retail Rep – If you have a product you think is fabulous why not take it to the street and show it off. The days of door-to-door sales are virtually over but commercial sales reps are becoming increasingly popular. Retail reps usually travel the county visiting shopping malls and other centres of commerce. They will often spend their time in meetings with shop managers showing off their latest line of good.  

If you are interested in retail, and have a product you are genuinely interested in the rewards can be high. Enthusiasm and commitment can go a long way in this role. 

Buyers Agent – Buyers agents often travel to properties within their area to meet potential buyers and sellers. This is a fantastic role for an organised, results driven, sales professional. There is a lot to do in this job and mistakes won’t be tolerated for long. However, those who become experienced agents tend to earn very good incomes. Persuasion, research skills, negotiation skills, attention to detail, and the ability to multitask will make you a very useful worker in this industry. Agents must deal with, at times, tense negotiations and there may be a need to tell both buyer and seller news they don’t want to hear. The ability to articulate information in a clear, succinct manner is a very helpful trait. Australian buyers agent Wendy Russell has a lot of experience in the industry and has some great information on her website about the skills needed to succeed in the role.