Improve Your Business through 3D Printing

3D printing began in the 1980’s and has progressed quite rapidly in recent times. What, at first, was quite a niche invention is being utilised more and more within various businesses. The learning of how to use 3D printing and scanning technologies is spreading throughout schools and the education sector and as the technologies develop so their use is becoming more prevalent and of more value. Whilst many of us might consider that 3D printing is not necessarily applicable to our career path, given the speed with which is spreading through a number of businesses it is something which should not be immediately discounted. In fact, you should explore this technology to understand whether it is something you could avail of as it has a great number of benefits throughout many businesses.

3D Printing

Production of Small Quantities

On the whole, the production of materials and products needs to be done in large amounts else it can prove incredibly expensive. Costs will reduce when producing a greater number of items so it can be completely unfeasible to produce small quantities. This can lead to areas which you cannot produce for as it will not make a business any profit. However, through 3D printing technologies, this new additive manufacturing process can allow for inventory or stock costs to not affect production of very small numbers of items. This could potentially open up new markets to a business which were previously unachievable.

Reduced Production Times

As 3D printing takes a 3D model and then from that immediately creates it, the entire production cycle can be greatly speeded up. This, clearly is of benefit to any business. Increased efficiency is key to production techniques and as the range of printable materials gets bigger so the opportunities to explore this additive manufacturing process is gaining further credence.

3D Printing is Entering Homes

Just because your business does not use any 3D printing techniques of your own it does not mean that you should immediately discount the possibilities. It can often be difficult for businesses to supply spare and replacement parts due to the unprofitability which can come from producing them. However, as 3D printers become more popular within the private sector so businesses can make use of supplying models for their parts to allow customers to print them out themselves in their homes. 3D models can be very cheap to produce and only need to be done so once, unless they need updating, thus there is a lot of profit which can be made in selling off these models online.

Lots of Companies Are Making Use of It

The fact that so many businesses and the like are utilising 3D printer gear to generate improvement speaks volumes. In 2015 it was reported that 30% of the largest global brands are now using 3D printing so they can’t all be wrong. Given that 3D printers and 3D scanners for sale on the market are getting cheaper and more varied there is merit in seeing how they could serve your business best.