The Long Term Benefits of Hiring Temporary Staff for Your Event

That title might seem like a bit of an oxymoron given the perception of temporary staff serving the purpose of handling a short term need for extra personnel.  However, if you look at the subject a little deeper and take a slightly different view of the staff you are temporarily hiring for events, you could discover that there are more benefits than might initially meet the eye.

 staff eventThe short term

Obviously the main purpose of wanting to hire temporary staff for your event is to make sure that the new roles that are going to need filling for the duration of the event are taken care of.  Events normally only last for a day or two at the most and hiring full time, permanent staff would make no financial sense.  As a result, temporary staff are hired, saving the event organisers time and money.  These savings will also apply to the training costs that will be saved by having temporary staff working at your events, they will not require the same level of training as permanent staff as they will need to know their function and not much else.  So the short term benefits are fairly clear, but what about in the long term?

The long term

Now, in the long term there is one clear benefit and this is that the cost savings will continue to add up, meaning that over a greater period of time, using temporary workers will be very healthy for the organisers bank balance.  However, this is more of a side note as there is something with far more potential that can come from hiring temporary staff – talent.


Finding the right people is a very difficult task in any role, but quite often the best people for a job might not be the best at selling themselves or simply will not have applied for the post for various reasons.  Using temporary staff for your events means that you will inevitably have a high turnover of personnel passing through your organisation, and this means that you will be exposing your team to a wide variety of people.  Some may do a terrible job and you’ll ever use them again, many will do a perfectly admirable job, but every now and again there will be one or two that are truly exceptional.  When you find these exceptional individuals you should take note as you might have the perfect role for them in the future.  Make connections, exchange contact information and make sure that you have all of their details on file so that when you need someone for that role again, you can go straight to them.  Doing a job exceptionally well will lead to many companies wanting to retain that person for upcoming events and it will not be long before someone offers them a full time position and takes them off the market.  So if you connect with an individual who truly impresses you, why don’t you make that offer before someone else does.