To address all of the levels of Career Mapping, Ginny created five different categories of job seekers to track:

Entry Level – Graduates of high school, undergraduate, or graduate and professional programs. If employed, titles might be trainee, associate, assistant, etc.

Mid-Level – People who have been promoted from an organization’s entry level. This role typically involves oversight of and responsibility for direct reports. Common titles are “manager,” “supervisor,” “associate director”, etc.

Executive Level – This level is usually characterized by one’s ability to participate in a specific compensation scheme involving pension vesting, purchasing shares or units of company stock, and/or other accumulating assets and compensatory prerequisites (or “perks”). Common titles include “director,” “vice president,” “partner,” “principal,” “managing director,” etc.

Encore Level – Typically a person who is approaching retirement age (55 years or older), regardless of station or level. He or she might be seeking to stay active and competitive in the workforce, or may be looking to move out of a traditional role and into another area of interest or passion, either compensated or as a volunteer.

Detour Route – This person is challenged by having been out of the job market for a year or more due to a layoff, downsizing, or a personal need, such as child rearing or an illness. He or she could be returning from a sabbatical, from running a family business, or from military service that took him or her off course. This person might be starting a business after having held a more traditional job or may be looking for a traditional job after having been self-employed for some time.