Planning for Workout Routine

January is almost ending. Are you still working in front of your computer and waiting for an afternoon snack? Are you still lying down with a bowl of popcorn or a slice pizza watching your favorite TV series during your weekends? Have you accomplished any of New Year resolutions that you’ve set for 3 years? Be a better person, have a stronger body or getting in shape? If you have any of these in your list, this year is the time to make it happens.

For those who are not an active individual may find it hard to subscribe to a gym membership and start working out. But you will not feel like that at Unity Gym because the staffs there are eager to help you to get fitter and be better version of yourself.

To make you shine when going to the gym, here are lists you should know before starting your workout routine.


1. Set a goal

Goal is important. Before you start to do anything, you have to know where you are heading.

Setting goal for your workout can help a lot to motivate you to achieve the routine. Whether you have a small or big goal, just set it. You may want to be fitter for upcoming summer, be stronger, loss your weight or have a muscular body. Because different goals need different kind of workouts. For example, if you want to be stronger and fitter, you may focus more on cardiovascular to have stronger heart and have lighter muscle training. But if you want to gain muscle mass, you may need to focus on weight training.


2. Know yourself

Know yourselfFirst day of workout is the hardest. Many people start their first day with an intense workout but it’s not a smart choice to do! If you are a workout beginner, do not push yourself too hard because you will get sore in the next day and have an excuse to stop.

Know your limit!

You can start with a light 15-20 minutes workout at the first day and increase about 5-10 minutes in everyday to make you adjust with the routine. For example, having a 15-morning jog or running on treadmill with your favorite songs on. Like this, you will not feel that it’s too harsh to do.


3. Start to work

Cardio training

What is cardio training?

Cardio training is an exercise that increases heart rates. Meaning that any activities that make your heart pump faster can be included to your cardio routine. For example, running in slow-fast movement, cycling or dancing. Choose activities that you are most comfortable to do and do it 15-20 minutes per day in 3-5 days per weeks.

Strength training

trainingStrength training is different from cardio that it focuses on muscles. Strength training can tone and build muscles to become stronger which make you get leaner body.

For those who are not comfortable with using dumbbell or machines, using body weight is an excellent way to start. Different movements target different muscle groups of your body. Practice variety of movements to target each muscle group. You can start from classic one such as push up, pull up, squat. Remember that you have to do a correct movement to prevent injuries.