How to prepare your company for your new website

The internet not only boasts the power to entertain and amaze those who use it but has now found an additional purpose which is to help small and medium-sized businesses to generate interest in their services or products. And over the years this has developed from clunky and blocky looking web pages referring you to call their business directly, to new multi-platform websites that can boast many additional plugins and styles to not only make your company appear more legitimate but also for you to better serve the customers who support your business, but first of all you need an actual website.

You must, first of all, decide what you want your website to say about you, your company and the work you will do and is a process that will not only require careful planning but also for various different elements of your team to work together to ascertain what exactly will be included and why. However for most companies, this will be a confusing process that they have little experience in and most of the time you will have an agency or a web developer to help you through the technical side of the process, however, there will be things that you will need to decide for and act on yourself.



Obviously, all of the work that goes into your website will have to be paid for and the price that you will pay can vary between levels of service, whether you are using a web developer or an agency, turnaround times and also the level of customization that you are looking for on the site itself. Costs can vary from a mere $700 dollars or so and stretch all the way into the tens of thousands, so really your budget will dictate what it is that you can have on the site. As well as paying for the plugins and themes themselves, you will also have to pay the people who are implementing and programming the site itself as well as the designers who are personalizing it for you.

What you will need to consider is what features your website needs to serve your customers best, so think about potential problems your customers would face and work out a way to get the website to help them with it. For example, a booking plugin for a hotel can enable somebody to book a room and pay their deposit without ever needing to spend time on the phone to them. Also think about how you could further assist or streamline the process of ordering your products or commissioning your service, such as a delivery calculator to choose between shipping options and paying for them with no extra hassle.

Staff headshots

Now a lot of businesses these days will have a section entitled “About Us” this area is reserved for making a statement about who your company is, what you do and why you do it. Included here can be some details of the company’s history, some interesting facts about the company’s achievements, and a list of previous clients that you have worked with and so on. This gives people a great insight into not only how you guys came to be but also what drives your company to go forward and achieve excellence and indeed what the future may hold for your company. It really is a vital section that requires a considerable amount of consideration, but another way to spice up your about page is to have a section dedicated to your hopefully hardworking and loyal team.

This would probably be a gallery of images that are captioned or linked to a separate page where the employee in question explains, who they are, what his professional role at your company is and how he has excelled at serving his position. Sometimes included is a small personal blurb about their life outside of work. The images you use will need to be professional quality and indeed be of a professional nature, which means professional attire and setting. This can be tricky to pull off on your own so it’s probably best to leave this large scale and often quite meticulously planned action to ensure that the quality of the photographs and the correct photographs are ensured. Please click the following link to find out different ways you can use headshots to look professional.