The Pros and Cons of Eating Candy

Candy is great, let’s be honest! It’s affordable, it’s delicious, and there is literally so much of it. Even if you only like a particular type of candy there will be so much variations to choose from. But of course, just as anything that is amazing, in large doses it can have negative effects. As such, we’re going to look at the pros and cons of eating candy. This isn’t to put people off, but to make them a little more aware of the dangers, but also the great benefits as well.

It feels good

Eating candy is good mood food! Chocolate for example contains serotonin which is a very feel good hormone. As such, eating candy can put you in a better mood almost instantly. However, the con of that would be eating too much candy can start to have negative effects on your health, which would invariably have a negative effect on your mood.

It tastes great

Candies are delicious and there’s no harm in treating oneself now and again to a tasty snack. However, the reason why candy tastes so good is because it is packed full of sugar and various flavourings. Thus, eating too much of this, will invariably rot your teeth. So, provided that you can eat candy in smaller doses, you should be able to enjoy the great flavours without causing yourself any unnecessary harm.

It can improve focus

They say that eating candy is great for focusing and there is science to back that up. Something as simple as having a few peppermint candies by your desk can aid you in completing particularly complicated tasks. This is why the old travel sweet tins were so popular for people driving long distances in the UK. Not only would sucking on the candies help to prevent travel sickness, but it was great for keeping whoever is behind the wheel alert. Of course, the con for this would be that it’s all too easy to over-indulge with candy. If you start thinking that you need it to focus, then you can become seemingly dependent. It’s important to mix it up and look for other ways to focus as well.


This ties in rather closely with the idea of candy making you feel good. However, there is a big difference. Candy with chocolate can help with serotonin and thus improving your mood; whereas chewing gum can help to relieve anxiety. It’s the repetitive nature of chewing that can help release nervous tension, allowing you focus better on the task at hand

There are many benefits that come with eating candy and we could harp on about them all day. However, for every benefit, there is a downside. The fact is, you really must eat candy in consideration, taking the time to balance your diet with important nutrients, whilst drinking plenty of water, exercising and cleaning your teeth thoroughly. That said, provided you take care of yourself, then there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a healthy relationship with candy.

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