How Smart Tech Could Be a Gold Rush

We live in a rapidly evolving world of technology.  Just look at the distance covered in the last decade with televisions and mobiles and it becomes clear that we are progressing at an ever increasing rate.  One of the latest directions mass market technology has started to really take off in, is the concept of the Internet of things.  This term relates to any device that is capable of connecting to the Internet either independently or via another device for one function or another.

A key example of this kind of technology would be the rise in smartphone connectivity in cars, wearable tech such as smart watches and of course voice activated smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.  There is a strong forward march to develop new devices that can connect to the Internet, or at the very least your smartphone so that they can be monitored and controlled remotely and there is big money to be made from the concepts and cornering the niche markets for the more outlandish gadgets.

New golden age of technological wonders

Imagine being able to offer people some ultimate luxuries by being able to augment there, for example, exquisite new designer kitchen from Kitchen Essence with the latest smart tech.  Such an outfitter is still a rare thing and the interconnectivity of these devices can still be tricky for many users.  Offering simplicity fits hand in hand with these gadgets and that opportunity could be a gold rush waiting to happen.  To illustrate the kind of tech that you might not believe exists, here are three suggestions all relating to the production of hot beverages.

Smart kettle

smart kettle

There are a few different smart kettles on the market, and they allow you to turn the kettle on from your phone or through your smart speaker.  You can control the exact temperature it boils to, schedule it to turn on at a specific time or keep the water inside at a specific temperature.

Smart coffee machine

Smart coffee machine

A natural progression from a smart kettle, a smart coffee machine can usually give you functionality based on the pod system that many are loaded with.  You can choose the strength and temperature of your drink as well as the blend of milk and coffee on some models.  All of this from your smartphone as well as abilities to save specific settings for different presets so you don’t have to try and remember exactly how you tweaked it the next time, as well as tracking your pod usage and offering instant reordering.

Smart mug

If you though a smart kettle was pushing it, then what about a smart mug?  This device contains a thermal sensor in the bottom of the cup that reports the exact temperature of your drink back to your phone, live.  However, that’s not all as the mug also contains a heating element so that you can not only keep your drink warm but also decide on the temperature that you wish to drink it at and the app will notify you when your drink has reached the perfect temperature.