Steve Jackson – Expert Pest Control

A set of pest prevention tips from the pest control experts

Pests come in all manner of shapes and sizes but regardless to how big or how small they are: a pest is a pest. There is nothing more unsettling than finding out that your home is infested with intruders. This is your only haven of comfort where you can ultimately relax and unwind, though if you’ve got a large hornets nest in your garage then you’re going to have a bit of a difficult time getting to sleep at night.

Fortunately there are of course steps that you can take which will significantly reduce the risk of you ever having to deal with a pest infestation. Expert Pest Control is a family run pest prevention and extermination company. Steve Jackson works alongside his brother Michael (Not the one you’re thinking of) and his father Stuart. They are passionate and dedicated to the quality control and prevention of pest infestations and have quickly become one of the most reputable and reliable businesses in the region. They have compiled a quick pest-proofing list for us to share with you to help you avoid any future infestation issues.

  • Always keep food sealed and stored away properly.
  • Clear out any clutter that you no longer need, especially in un-used areas.
  • Keep your home clean and tidy; always ensure that you remove food scraps etc.
  • Regular maintenance and repair loose mortar around windows and basement foundation.
  • Dispose of your rubbish regularly and store in sealed dumpsters
  • Try to avoid keeping outside doors open for prolonged periods
  • Seal all cracks and holes, especially in pipework – replaced decaying or deteriorating wood.

These are just a few simple and straightforward measures that you can take to help towards preventing any pest infestations. If you do find that you are in a spot of bother and you are looking for professional and expert help and advice then you know who to contact. For Expert Pest Control Northern Beaches and the surrounding areas tend to be covered by Steve and his family, they have built up a strong reputation over the years as no-nonsense gentlemen that get the job done, always putting the customer first.

So make sure that you are practising all of the required preventative measures, once you have an infestation it can be very difficult to remove and generally you will only be able to rely on the professionals to help you out of it. Steve and his team are always more than happy to oblige, but if you are relatively careful and you follow the above guidelines then hopefully you will never have to deal with such an issue – unfortunately however, you can never tell when a pest infestation is going to strike. You can be the tidiest person and take extra care to keep your house in excellent shape and yet still manage to end up with some pesky intruders so sit tight and hope for the best!