Thinking About Starting a Flower Delivery Company?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the calling to follow your passion just becomes too much. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a truck driver or a police officer. Maybe you are the creative type and have always wanted to express the artist within. There are many callings and thankfully we don’t all want to be the same thing. 

One attractive career path to many is becoming a florist, and if you are interested in this industry there is always the option of owning your own business, and one of the best things a florist can do is set up a flower delivery company. There are just so many ways to make a sales with a delivery company it really is worth considering if you enjoy floral work. 

Let’s look at a few things you should think about if you’re serious about becoming involved in the industry: 

Do you know anything about flowers? – Maybe you like looking at flowers but do you know anything about them? If you only have a basic knowledge maybe it’s worthwhile investing some time and money on a course of study. There are lots of training providers out there, and many local colleges offer short introductory courses in floral arrangements. 

Do you have transport? – Most florists will take their goods to customers. If you want to set up a flower delivery company like this you really will need some kind of transport. Initially, anything will do. A family car can transport a lot of flowers, but as your company grows it may be prudent to invest in a small van. You may have many deliveries in one day and the prospect of returning, again and again, to pick up extra supplies could be a costly burden. Also, as your company becomes more established in the community there will be more of a desire to portray a more professional image. A clean, liveried van is one of the best forms of advertising a business can have, and after the initial costs, it becomes a very cheap way to let people know you are in business. 

Do you have any business knowledge? – It sounds simple; I give you flowers and you give me money, and really that is true. But there are intricacies involved in running a business which a lot of people overlook initially.  Things like bookkeeping can seem overwhelming to someone who has never run a business before, and if the company’s accounts are not kept in good order there can be unpleasant encounters with the country’s tax authorities. 

Also, at times you may have to be a salesman. This comes naturally to some and not so to others. If you are having a bad day you can’t be unsociable or rude to potential customers. Your livelihood depends on the public being happy with your service. Word will soon spread if you are a difficult or disagreeable business owner and no matter how good your product is there will be many customers who will not give you repeat business.