So, You Want to Be a Land & Property Surveyor?

Are you looking for a new and exciting career change? Something that can provide you with an excellent living, whilst challenging you in new ways, every single day? Then being a land & property surveyor could well be the role for you! In this post, we’re going to talk you through the best way to go about becoming a land & property surveyor. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as simply applying for the job absent any experience. There’s an awful lot of work involved but work that will pay off tremendously in the long run! Let’s begin…

1 – Understand the role fully

You don’t want to embark on this journey without fully understanding what the role entails. As a surveyor, you will be responsible for mapping and measuring various sites. You will use stakes, markers and all manner of equipment to carry this out, paying close attention to the earth’s boundaries and topographic characteristics. This information will then have to be processed into a computer, for the utilisation of other experts in the field. As such, you will need to have excellent math and IT skills. In addition to that, you will need keen eyesight, and the ability to identify various landscape characteristics with great ease. Finally, you’ll be playing a key part in many construction projects.

2 – What does it pay?

Understanding what you could earn will hopefully motivate you further to want to embark on this journey. How does an average of $90,000 dollars a year sound? Do you think you could survive on that? Don’t be fooled however, as it’s not easy money! You will spend much of your time working outside, being exposed to a variety of harsh weather conditions. In addition to that, there will be much heavy lifting as well. All in all, however, the job pays exceptionally well, and offers plenty of benefits!

3 – There’s a high demand for Surveyors

By going through with this and becoming a surveyor, you’ll be entering a world of opportunity. Land & property surveyors are in extremely high demand. This means that you should have much trouble finding work in government and private sectors. You may even be able to travel around the world with this job as well, depending on your abilities and whether or not you have the desire to do so.

4 – Where do I start?

First things first: you’re not getting anywhere without a degree in surveying. Some companies might offer the opportunity to gain your degree on the job, or any other necessary qualifications that might be required. It really depends on the company and the other qualifications that you have. In any case, you’ll need a strong background in mathematics, technology, and geography.

Once you’re working with a particular firm, you’ll need several years of experience and a certificate of competency before moving on and doing any private work for yourself. Following that, you can get registered and start up a business of your own. Again, there’s plenty of opportunity out there! Try to join as many different groups as you can, where fellow surveyors share advice and information. Then start applying for entry-level jobs and see where the rabbit hole leads you!

Provided that you follow all of these steps, you might one day find yourself working for an established Australian firm like V-Mark Survey! In any case, we wish you the very best of luck with your endeavours.