What are the “Must Do’s” of networking?

  • Be strategic – make a list of contacts and prioritize them according to current needs
  • Be specific about what you ask of your contacts – otherwise you are wasting their time
  • Listen well for other possible opportunities, ideas, contacts, etc.
  • Offer to return the favor in appreciation for your contact’s time

If I’m starting a job search, how might search firms help me?

You must remember that search firms work first for the employer. The likelihood that they will have an opportunity that suits your background right now are slim – but worth exploring. Make search firms only one part of your job hunting strategy. Contact the ones in your industry and function. Try the Association of Executive Search Consultants – http://www.aesc.org for a listing of firms.

Now that I have the offer, how do I know if it’s a good one?

Leverage your personal network to inquire about compensation ranges for your specific industry, function and level. Have a rationale for asking for more; you will need to divulge the details of your historical compensation and benefits (cash and non-cash) to do this. There are also numerous on-line sites that are decent points of reference for free.

I have a good job, but how do I know when it might be time to leave?

“Push” – tune into signals your company might be giving you that they aren’t happy with your performance or can’t support you any longer.

“Pull” – Be introspective to determine if this role still offers you what you seek – challenge, pleasure, satisfaction, professional growth, etc. Pay attention to your health, state of mind, etc. as evidence of discord. If you are asking the question, either the “Push”, the “Pull” or both are likely operative – start your departure plan now!