Storage space for your business 

When you work for yourself, every decision is important and making the wrong one can have a detrimental effect on your business and earnings.  If you work from home then most aspects of your home office will fall under consideration, whereas if you need to travel then the same is true of your vehicle.  There are tax considerations and practicality to think about if you are responsible for your own work place before even starting to think about your budget.  For some people, working from a vehicle makes a lot of sense.  Individuals that work in trades such as plumbers and electricians will need to carry a lot of equipment with them so that they can handle almost any situation that they will encounter, and for them a van is pretty much the perfect vehicle.  However for other people with less manual occupations, a van might not suit but a family car could be less than ideal as well.

small van


A good example of this kind of job would be a medical representative.  It is their responsibility to travel from hospital to hospital and meet with senior medical personnel and managers and convince them that the products they are offering are the best ones for that hospital.  This will require carrying a lot of products to demonstrate as well as promotional materials and free samples.  Quite often the representatives will need to be away from home for prolonged periods of time and be required to stay in hotels, so this means a suitcase or two will also need to be with them.  You can probably build up an idea by yourselves of just how much space would be required for all of this.

The perfect vehicle?

Should your role, whether self-employed or not, then a 4X4 might provide the perfect solution.  It has the considerable storage space of a small van whilst providing the comfort of a car.  One of the drawbacks might appear to be the lack of shelving and fixed storage in a 4X4 compared to a van, well the company 4X4 Accessories has a solution.  They offer a range of 4X4 drawer fixtures that can really improve the natural storage space of a 4X4.  Valuables could be locked away in the spacious draws and they could also help ensure that you remain organised without having to unload cases each time you need to find something.


A drawback to a 4X4

The public consciousness is quite aware of a perceived drawback to a 4X4, namely fuel consumption.  This is nowhere near the issue it used to be and is thought of seeing as modern vehicles are considerably more fuel efficient than their predecessors.  They still might not directly compete with a hybrid, but the benefits to a self-employed individual that require a large amount of storage space in their vehicles definitely should warrant further investigation.