How the Correct Window Tinting Can Fight the Symptoms of S.A.D and Save You From an Office Mutiny 

Depending on where in the world you live, the changing seasons can provide quite an emotional shift that we often don’t expect.  The effect isn’t so pronounced in countries such as Australia and Thailand, but in Europe and much of the United States, the change in climate throughout the year can be really quite drastic.  This leads to a condition known as Seasonal Affliction Disorder, or SAD, which is a name applied to the representation of the emotional turbulence that the transition from long warm days to cold short ones (amongst other changes) can bring.

window tintingWhat makes us SAD?

The changing length of sunlight hours is one of the biggest factors at play here, as we underestimate just how much our biology depends on sunlight.  The sunlight not only causes our bodies to generate vitamin D, but it also has many psychological effects on us that we are simply not aware of until it is gone.  The winter months can mean that people go to work in the dark, sit in an office all day and then go home in the dark, which is something that quickly takes its toll.  Couple this with the drop in temperature and weather conditions that tend to accompany this change and you have a mixture that can really make people SAD.

Perception is everything

Most people are fortunate enough to at least work in a space with windows so that the outside world is visible and what natural light there is can reach them.  Many office spaces have tinted their windows for a variety of security and efficiency reasons, but these tints can often affect the way natural light reaches the people within.  This can actually lead to making feelings of SAD even worse as the light you are receiving is filtered in such a way as to upset our psychology even further.  There is no need to suffer from this affliction of tinting however, as an office window tinting company can provide new tint that doesn’t affect the light spectrum in such a way.

Why does this matter?

partitionIt may seem like a small issue in the grand scheme of things, but it is actually something that people really notice.  There was a case in Washington, in the United States, not so long ago where the employees of a government office decided that they had had enough of the way the light was being filtered in their offices.  After the management had repeatedly denied requests to improve the situation, the employees decided to stage a mutiny and worked together to tear the window tinting from the glass.  Now of course this is an extreme case, but it does serve to illustrate that people really do notice the adverse effects of a badly chosen tint.  So why run the risk of mutiny, call a professional company such as SolarGraph Glass Tinting and make sure that things are kept shipshape in your offices.  Afterall none of us want to make our staff feel SAD, let alone face down a mutiny.