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Welcome to
Career Mapping

Career Mapping
draws from your strengths and talents, providing key insights that crack the code of how to be successful on your own terms. It’s a code you already have, you just have to work to expose it. If you are willing to do the hard, but rewarding, work of self-discovery that guides you through the Map, then — like the hundreds of executives Ginny placed in top-level jobs — you will be rewarded.


The Career Map can be beneficial to any individual, from top level executives to entry level job seekers. Professionals like a mortgage broker for example. Those looking to start their own business ventures and people who have found themselves unemployed, or coming back into the job market from a hiatus caused by health issues, raising children, or taking care of loved ones, can all benefit from using the Map.

One of the most common misconceptions is that if you reach a certain age and you still haven’t achieved your dreams then there is no hope and that you should just carry on working that dead-end job that you have grown to loathe over the years. Well the truth is that you can indeed achieve anything and that the only reason why most people would call that a cliché is because they lack the drive to actualise their dreams.

The fact is that you can give back and achieve everything you’ve always wanted. Whether you are looking to work with children or to care for the elderly; we have a number of opportunities including our aged care courses that can arm you with the skills and qualifications required to step up into a new and more fulfilling role. What are your goals? Are you ready to step away from the mundane and stride into a bright and fulfilling career?